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Know The Process Of The Eligibility Criteria Of Child Adoption

Child adoption is something that can double the joy in your life. This is the mere acceptance of a little child into the family. This is not at all easy to accept someone’s child into your life and then treat the child like the own. Here are few of the legalities of the whole process:

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What Are The Cases In Which The Child Can Be Adopted?

Children are the gifts of God, but unfortunately, there are cases when children fail to achieve acceptance due to some mishaps. Child adoption is a process that first requires a lot of homework on the emotion basis. The parents require to be mentally all convinced to...

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Eligibility of the parents for the adoption of a child:

The process of the motorization of the adoption of the child is quite hectic and this is one to ensure the safety and stability of the children who are free to be adopted. Here are few of the eligibility criteria set by the body for the adoption of a child:

  • There is a stable medical and emotional health required for the adoption of the child. If there is some chronic illness to the parents then they will have to have a letter from a physician claiming the fact that they are physically stable.
  • Any person can adopt a child without any discrimination by gender or marital status.
  • If there is any member in the house with an age of more than 18 years, the he or she will have to get a child abuse clearance. This is done to ensure the safety of the child adopted to the house.
  • The age difference between the parents and the child must never be less than that of 21 years.


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The child care is one of the basic things that come on its own when it is their child, but the case is not the same when it comes to child adoption. The parents of the child require to be mentally strong and convincing for the acceptance of the child, and only then they can be able to take all-round care of the child.





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