Child Adoption FAQ

What is the eligibility for the adoption of a child?

The eligibility of a parent to adopt a child is being monitored by the CARA (Central Authority Resource Authority). Some of the eligibility criteria for the adoption of a child are an Indian child can be adopted by the Indian parents or NRI or Foreign people as well. A person can adopt a child irrespective of gender or marital status as well. A couple if wants to adopt a child then they can adopt the child after the completion of two years of married life. The age difference between the parents and the child must be a minimum of 25 years.

Which children can be adopted?

Parents can adopt the children who are declared to be orphan or adopted or surrendered at a legal basis as the welfare committee specifies that. A child is said to be orphan if he or she lacks legal parents or the parents are not in a state to take care of the child. A surrendered child is the one whose physical, social and emotional factors are not in control of the biological parents of the children.

What are the normal conditions that must be fulfilled by the parents?

The parents must be physically, mentally and emotionally all stable. They must also have financial stability. The parents must not be suffering from the deadly disease that has a risk to life. The parents have three or more children can never be considered eligible for the adoption of a child. A single female has the right to adopt a child irrespective of gender whereas a single male cannot adopt a baby girl.

How can the child be adopted?

Some steps can be followed for the adoption of the child. The first step is registration. Following that one has to get home study and counseling. Then the referral and the acceptance of the child are the next steps. After that one requires to file a petition. After that for the understanding of the parents about the habits and individualities of the child, the parents will have to go for foster care. After that, there is a court hearing and orders.

Can parents ask for a particular child?

If it is a newborn, then a particular child may not be asked. However, specifications can be given regarding age, gender, skin color, health, and religion as well.

Can the process of adoption differ from state to state?

The process is same all over the nation, but the requisites of the documents and the paperwork may differ a bit.