Children are the gifts of God, but unfortunately, there are cases when children fail to achieve acceptance due to some mishaps. Child adoption is a process that first requires a lot of homework on the emotion basis. The parents require to be mentally all convinced to accept the children and welcome the little one into the family. In this article the readers will be enlightened about the cases in which parents can legally adopt the child and some of them are enlisted as follows:

  • The child must be under an age of 16. The child can also be under an age of 18 and a sibling of a child under age of 16. In the latter case, both the children have to be taken by same adoptive parents.
  • The child must be adopted by a married couple in USA or can also be adopted by spouse or unmarried couple. But they must be resident of US.
  • The consent of the legal or real parents of the child is also necessary in order to adopt the child.
  • Parents must be legally eligible of providing proper care and facilitate the child with every comfort.

So these were some of the cases in which the parents can adopt the child. Other than that, welcoming a child with the warm heart not just to the family but to the heart as well as a great deed and thus, one must make sure that he is prepared to adopt the child in all aspects.